Cone Beam CT

Computed Tomography (CT) is a medical imaging method that provides a rapid, painless examination that combines X-rays and computers. Cone Beam computed tomography (Cone Beam CT) is a type of CT scan technology that provides three dimensional, high definition, extremely accurate images of the dental and maxillofacial area. This allows us to visualize critical structures, such as the nerves or the sinus cavity, as well as the exact location of impacted teeth within the jaw. It can also be used to identify tumors and provides accurate images in cases of facial trauma. This scanning system has a rapid time of acquisition to minimize the radiation to the patient. It requires about 10% of the exposure of a medical CT scan or about the same as a standard dental panoramic x-ray. Due to all of these advantages we believe the Cone Beam CT to be the state of the art for imaging of the maxillofacial area.

The addition of the Cone Beam CT Scanner to our practice emphasizes our commitment to providing our patients with the latest technology. We are proud to be the first in our area to utilize the Imaging Sciences Next Generation i-CAT Cone Beam CT Scanner.